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Stronger relationships lead to greater and more sales.

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Maintain contacts in one place

Finally order in your contacts! Import, structure and group your contacts easily, quickly and safely with LeadCoach.

Keep in touch

Through Intelligent resubmission and contact frequency analysis importatn contacts are no longer forgotten.

Automatic sales

Finally keep track of sales! Through the most modern lead management and process automation LeadCoach accompanies you in your sales processes.

Understand your contacts

Uninterrupted contact history (email synchronization, communication history) and most interactions with all contacts at a glance.


Finally manage contacts easier

Important information about customers and business partners are too often forgotten. Instead of tedious data entry you focus better business relations with LeadCoach.

Simple and intuitive contact management, automatic enrichment of data bases, intelligent data cleansing and rapid export and import functions are just some of your benefits. Practical grouping functions and the ability to share contact lists with staff helps you and your team in addition!

Let your business grow!

The sale of a service or product is a process. In active sales overview can quickly be lost – contacts are accidentally or even not addressed.

Introducing: The LeadManager of LeadCoach is your faithful sales butler that accompanies your contacts through your own individual sales

  • Intelligent sales automation for all your contacts
  • Show recommendations and own interview guide
  • Transfer contacts or groups in the sales process

Oh yes, if you have not yet defined yet the standardized sales process in your business: We provide several great templates.

Online Lead Management Lösung im Browser
Detailliertes Task Management im LeadCoach CRM

Full control of your tasks

Presumably your everyday life consists of many small and some large tasks as well. In order to keep track, we provide you with our TaskManager a practical tool.

Create your own clear to-do lists that remind you automatically. If necessary, via e-mail as well. Even tasks from your sales process land automatically on your personal list – if you want it. And if you work with a team, you can delegate or receive tasks with only a few clicks.

The main advantages of the LeadCoach

Sorry – that’s a whole lot


A smart yet simple interface for easy and quick processing of all activities!

Virtual assistant

Your personal butler! The virtual assistant takes away all automatable tasks from you – and reminds you of important appointments.

Intelligent data management

Your contacts are not only managed clearly – LeadCoach helps you attending to automatically enrich data based on other websites or correct duplicates.

Xing interface

Maybe you already have a great network but want to enjoy the benefits of LeadCoach? Transfer all your contacts from other social networks within a few seconds!

Unconditional export and import

You want to directly manage all contacts in LeadCoach? No problem! Import with a few clicks not only from social networks, but also use CSV files for fast import and export.

Full synchronization

Do you prefer using Microsoft Office products as well, but do not want to miss the advantages of LeadCoach? The Microsoft Exchange interface is perfectly integrated and synchronized by LeadCoach to your needs.

Effective contact grouping

You want to equally manage multiple contacts? Or transfer multiple contacts to your employees? Or pass several customers in a sales process? You’ll love the grouping functions!

Useful to-do lists

Create your to-do lists in no time and let LeadCoach and the emails remind you. The calendar function helps you to keep track.

Integrated sales processes

Create complete sales process templates from the initial contact, from an appointment to completion. Or simply use our existing sales templates developed by experienced partners. Our LeadManager helps you.

Automatic resubmission

Your contact proceeds to the next sales phase? LeadCoach reminds you automatically so you’ll never miss the all-important next week and you even raise customer satisfaction.

Integrated interview guide

And if you or your colleagues just want go around, an individually applied interview guide supports you when needed. So the arguments remain in the phases.

Use sales events perfectly

Did you collect a lot of contacts at the last fair or at your conference? Submit every chance in your LeadManager and track every conversation perfectly.

Mobile responsive. Web-based. Made with love.

Take full advantage of LeadCoach functions with no restrictions on any device.
No download, no installation – LeadCoach CRM directly runs in your browser.

Webbasiertes CRM und Lead Management ohne Installation

Secure data

LeadCoach CRM comes from innovative programmers from the region. Website, software and databases are 100% stored on private German servers.

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Free testing!

LeadCoach is free for up to 100 contacts! Task management and sales force automation included.

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